Distributor Bill of Rights

Our mission at eXfuze has been, and will always be, to create the most effective "best in class" multi-botanical nutritional products in the world and make them affordable for the average consumer. Beyond that, we're equally dedicated to ensuring that eXfuze offers an unmatched "best in class" business opportunity employing the Relationship Marketing model. This amazing business model, which is truly reshaping commerce as we know it in the 21st Century, empowers any individual who has been blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit to determine his or her own financial destiny by simply sharing eXfuze's life changing products with others.

Finally, as important as it was for eXfuze to have best in class products and the best business opportunity in the industry, we also wanted to show our unwavering commitment to protecting the business interests of our Distributors. With this core value in mind, we created the eXfuze Distributor Bill of Rights, which is nothing less then a Game Changer within the Direct Sales Industry.