Dons Dad

Our Story

About 10 years ago, Don and his brothers got a phone call that their father was very sick and had fallen into a coma. Their family members sometimes suffer from Hemochromatosis, a hereditary liver disease . The doctors told Don and his brothers that their Dad was too sick to chance risking a valuable liver on him, for a transplant.  Rick Cotton had heard of a practitioner who was having tremendous results with terminal patients, using a varied diet of strange berries and botanical extracts, including algae and mushrooms; the cost was about $1500 a month.

Within about 90 days the transformation of their father was incredible and he was back to about 95% of what he was before his liver failed. Don and Rick new that if they could take the same experience of their Dad, and capture the efficacy of those ingredients and put them into a single bottle that the world could afford, they would have a chance to do something really special.

"That is literally how that first bottle of Seven+™ Classic and eXfuze came into existence. Not only was it a great business opportunity, it was our chance to make a real change in the world, helping underprivileged children that need us so much, and making a difference in the lives of people." - Don Cotton, eXfuze CEO & President