The Founders



CEO & President

Don Cotton is an entrepreneurial and operational expert who has a successful track record of building successful businesses and managing large, rapidly growing teams. Formerly an Enterprise Business and Technology Architect for Microsoft, Cotton has been the featured speaker at large industry conferences and was responsible for implementing large solutions at many Fortune 500 companies. Cotton later became the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a subsidiary of General Motors Commercial Mortgage, overseeing all technical operations of the company. He also was the lead executive for a software division that quickly became the industry leader in commercial real estate origination and securitization. Don's leadership capabilities, extensive corporate background, and his extensive years of experience managing over 1,000 employees, creating and implementing SOP's over many cross-functional departments, is what enables him to lead a global company, with one global vision.

"eXfuze is truly a best of breed company," said CEO Don Cotton. "Simply put, we are the best of science and the best of nature FUZED together for optimum health and wholeness. We also have the best compensation plan of any direct selling company, offering multiple income streams with no breakage. That in itself, is what separates us from the rest." said Don Cotton, CEO and, Co-Founder of eXfuze.



Chairman and Co-Founder

eXfuze is the culmination of many years of planning and development by Founder & Chairman Rick Cotton and his team. Cotton's entrepreneurial spirit and leadership help drive the vision of eXfuze. Evidence of this passion is his involvement of nearly 10 years abroad with a non-profit ministry developing businesses and programs to benefit the mission, and overseeing all Latin American operations. Rick Cotton has served in more than 10 countries and has a strong command of culture, language and international business. A dynamic speaker, he is well respected in the network marketing industry, having enjoyed success in several other network marketing companies. His passion and understanding for the industry, coupled with his international experience, is a major asset for eXfuze. Rick Cotton's experience and vision will allow for future expansion into some of the strongest direct selling markets in the world.

"eXfuze is not just a company that offers great products and an amazing business opportunity," says Founder, Rick Cotton. "eXfuze is a purpose-driven company with a mission to change the world for kids." Currently, one percent of the gross revenue from eXfuze goes directly to VivaKids to meet the basic needs of children.



Executive VP of Sales and Marketing

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Paul Morris provides a wealth of experience to the eXfuze team as one of the top network marketing professionals in the country and serves as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Morris was one of the highest level producers for Amway in the early 1980's and sold that business in 1984. After a couple years of "retirement", he rejoined the network marketing industry and has never looked back. During the past 25 years, Morris has been instrumental in taking five different start-up companies from zero to $15 million per month in sales. With one of those companies, he set records by enrolling more than 100,000 people in less than 90 days. He is an engaging speaker and has a passion for charity work in third-world nations.

"eXfuze offers products in the weight management, activity and longevity markets – three of the largest growing consumer segments in the world. "We offer an amazing opportunity for financial freedom, independence and the chance to be a hero to yourself, your family and your community," said Paul Morris, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President.