Executive Bios



Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Special Advisor to the Board of Directors

Michael was an early stage Investor in eXfuze, LLC.  His belief in, and shared passion for, the global Vision, Mission, People, and life changing Products of eXfuze has resulted in him taking an active role with the company.

He brings 42 years of hands on business management acumen to the Corporate Team as well as having spent the past 21 years in the financial industry; this includes over a decade as a Senior Vice President at Morgan Stanley.

Michael is a 55 year old Christian father of two wonderful children.  He was educated at the George Washington University, The University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, and the New York University Stern School of Business. Michael is a frequent guest on the globally broadcast FOX News Channel.



Australian Country Manager

If you haven't met Rhys yet, then you have something to look forward to. His enthusiasm and passion for life, family and people is infectious. His positive, upbeat, 'don't tell me 'it can't be done' tempo', has been a decisive factor in his successes in his business life.

His experience at all levels of business has given him excellent insight, from an employee to developing importing, wholesaling and retail companies. 

His knowledge in a wide range of distribution & marketing models stands him in good stead for a new chapter now unfolding.  The Wellness industry has captured Rhys's imagination, and now an avenue to further express his philosophy 'help enough other people get what they want, and you will eventually get what you want." 



Scientific Advisory Board

In keeping with our unprecedented commitment to provide you with the latest advancements in scientific research and cutting edge nutritional technology, eXfuze has established a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of the industry's leading specialists in the fields of medicine, nutrition, and health. This prestigious team of dedicated professionals will continue to guide the future of eXfuze, lending their expertise and knowledge of the continued advancements in the fields of medical and scientific research advancements from around the world.

Together we share the commitment and dedication of bringing you the finest synergistic nutritional supplements nature has to offer that will ensure your optimal health both today, and well into the future.

Dr. Guarnera specializes in biomechanical and biochemical medicine. His training in Kinesiology led to the treatment of sports injuries at the high school, college, and professional levels. His research in nutritional biochemistry allowed for the design and evaluation in nutrient programs for world-class athletes.

Dr. Guarnera has served on the Boards of 2 International MLM companies as Medical Advisor, and has been a featured speaker nationally and internationally on radio and television.