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Vivakids: Change A Child's Life. Vivakids: Change A Child's Life.

Change A
Child's Life

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Our Mission to Serve

Starting eight years ago from the very first eXfuze bottle sold, the company donated 1% of its gross revenue to support Viva Kids, the non-profit organization that Rick and Ann Cotton founded several years before eXfuze was incorporated.

Eventually, to insure that eXfuze would support VivaKids long into the future, the founders moved it to a stock ownership position.

eXfuze co-founder Rick Cotton said, “A lot of companies do great things to impact the world after they achieve success, but…we are called to give from what we have and make a difference now.”

The nonprofit feeds and educates poor children in the Dominican Republic. It has built several houses and rehabbed others. Cotton said, “We give the children a chance in life that they would not have otherwise.”

Decades ago after spending a month in the impoverished Ukraine, Rick was inspired to spend the next 10 years as a missionary in Third World countries. He met Ann, the woman who became his wife, in Venezuela, where she was doing similar missionary work, after she chose missionary work after a three-week visit to Latin America.

Viva Kids, a subsidiary of ‘To Every Nation’ ministries; partners with local children’s centers and orphanages in the Dominican Republic and plans to expand this program around the world.

Many at eXfuze are involved, from staff to distributors. They “Vacation with a Purpose,” traveling to the Dominican Republic to paint the new houses that VivaKids paid to build. Others sponsor children to pay for meals and schooling.

When you join eXfuze, you become part of an international team; dedicated to making a positive difference every day in a child’s life.

VivaKids Gallery

Below are images from our "Vacation with a Purpose" trips to the Dominican Republic.